You can share your code through VS Code, real-time? YES!

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to work on the same codebase with your whole team without sending the zip file to each other every day or even use GitHub? Well, guess what! We are here to give you a solution for that today.

Visual Studio Code is filled with many amazing extensions that we, the developers use every day. They have been a lifesaver to us and have saved us a huge amount of time and effort. One such extension would be ‘Live Share’. This is an extension that you can use to collaborate with other developers and the whole team can work on the same codebase, at the same time! In one collaborative session, all team members can not only edit the code, but they could also debug and share the same server. They can also text with each other through VS Code itself. How cool is that?

You can install this extension right through the extensions tab by typing ‘Live share’ on the search bar. After you get the following result, just click on Install and reload VS Code.

Before starting to use this extension, make sure to be logged into VS Code. You can log in through your Gmail or your GitHub account.

To start a collaborative session, the first thing you need to do is to click on your username which is on the bottom status bar and it will open a drop-down menu. On this menu, choose the option ‘Start Collaboration Session’

After you start the new session, you will receive a notification that will automatically copy the invite link which you can share with your team. You can even change the collaboration session to read-only too!

If you need to join a session, you can join by choosing the ‘Join Collaborative Session’, and afterward, by entering the invite link that you have received, you can start collaborating with your team!

But, you also can simply just click on the invite link and you will be redirected to open VS Code through your browser.

You can connect everyone from your team using the live share invite link that is provided. Everyone that logs in will be able to keep in touch with each other through chat and audio within VS Code itself.

The inviter of the session will have ‘Session Details’ where he/she will be able to Invite participants, Share the local server and Share the Terminal through it.

After each team member has joined the collaborative session, you will be shown different color codes where each person is at the moment.

VS Code holds first place in providing amazing features to each and every developer out there. With live share, you can independently resolve any issues you get without stepping on each other and there’s no need to hand off control to other team members. This extension can revolutionize the way we code, debug and collaborate within a team.

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